Rarity Found's Future

Rarity Found started out with a simple mission of changing perspective in the industry alongside supporting players, teams, and organisation through the form of great events. For the past 6 months we have had projects in the pipeline that as a collective team we were working to get out there. These past 3 months have been challenging for us from a growth perspective… so we visited the drawing board again.

Firstly, there will be some vast changes to the brand, including the addition of new brands, names and logos. Our goal has always been to make it as effortless as possible for people who engage, participate, and play within the events, so now we are taking that to another level. We won’t say too much regarding what this ‘level’ is but we’re talking a fully functioning platform for scrims, ranking systems, leader boards, wagers, regular and larger events, automation, and to sum it up, we could call it a home for gamers looking to increase playing ability and have fun. Henceforth, all of our events will be going under a different brand name partnered with our future platform. This has the ability to completely change culture and routine, and also revive a competitiveness in esports that hasn’t been seen for years.

Our mission to be able to provide something valuable for growing athletes within esports, professional athletes and also aspiring athletes will be coming sooner than we thought. This will be a brand-new talent and esports agency within the space providing services that make your professional and personal life easier so you can focus on what really matters in game. Most importantly, we want to create a personal touch with all of our clients to build up your career to the best we can, but we won’t be doing this like others. We aren’t the first in the space, but our aspirations are much further than what is currently available, and we will not be settling than anything other than the best in the field. Our agency will be under a different alias and brand name that people can comfortably feel represented by.

What will happen to Rarity Found? Alongside our events, we have always had bigger dreams for the brand; Gaming Lounges. As of now, Rarity Found will be solely dedicated as a brand to Gaming Lounges and ensuring that we contribute to the gaming and esports industry on a greater depth. It’s about time that we stop talking about it and start doing. With a new reality and form of normal, there’s a lot of room on the table. Rarity Found as a brand will also focus on our streetwear clothing line, that spreads a message of inspiration, motivation and to turn your dreams into a reality. This will be launching Summer 2021 and sold online and eventually in-store.

Realising failures is the best thing you can achieve, as you can’t grow and develop without it. Over the next couple of months some large changes will start being formally announced, executed, and coming to life. Some operations are going to take longer than others, but good things take time. Keep your eyes out for the launch of new brands and stay up to date with our Twitter @RarityFound to be the first to know.

We aren’t here to take part, we’re here to take over.